Buy Now Pay Later

ShopsFit's Buy Now Pay Later Scheme is one of Nigeria's leading e-commerce platform that
specializes in consumer buying goods on credit.

Buy Now Pay Later

So, how does Buy Now Pay Later work?

Shop at your favorite e-commerce From finding what you love, to paying over time, we make every step smoooth. Millions of people have discovered the benefits of online shopping with ShopsFit's payment plans. Try before you buy, or pay over time. No matter what you need, we've got a flexible option to fit your budget.

No-hassle installation

Low Interest Rate

Flexible Payment Plans

Up To 12 Months Payment Plan

Pay With Carbon Zero


Identify Your Desired Product

Look through the ShopsFit site for what you want to buy and when you're ready to shop click here

Fill Your Information

Fill in all the information required and send in your request to Carbon Zero You would receive an email from Carbon Zero informing you of your approved spend amount.

You Will Receive Approval Email

If your purchase is below your approved amount, you will receive an approval email on your purchase request from Carbon Zero

Down Payment

Pay 25% of the item price into your Carbon account (you would need to have one to complete the process)

Purchase Confirmed

Once the downpayment is received, your purchase is confirmed, ShopsFit will contact you regarding delivery.


You have successfully placed an order on ShopsFit with Carbon.

How To Pay With CredPal


Open ShopsFit Merchant Store

Start by clicking the link here

Name The Item

Type out the name of the item and price you wish to purchase

Create Account/Login

Fill in all information required to create account or login if you already have an account

Contact ShopsFit

Contact ShopsFit Sales Advisors here. Provide your name, number & Email.

Spending Limit

You'd be contacted by CredPal to inform you of your spending limit.

Loan Approved

Make an equity contribution of 30% to CredPal. You will be contacted after 24 hours after your loan has been approved.



What is Carbon Zero?

Carbon Zero is a buy-now-pay-later product that lets you purchase gadgets and electronics and pay in small installments at a 0% interest rate. These include phones, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, gaming consoles, and a whole lot more.

Do I have to pay any interest?

Not at all! That’s what makes Carbon Zero different; you only pay the original price and you also get to spread the payment conveniently.

Are there any hidden fees?

Are there any hidden fees? There are absolutely no hidden charges when you buy any item with Carbon Zero. However, to help smoothen the repayment process, there is a charge on late repayments.

What is the minimum salary to be eligible for Carbon Zero?

At the moment, Carbon Zero is only available to customers who earn at least ₦120,000 monthly.


How to create a personal account?

Sign up for your CredPal personal account free. If you need help signing up, please read this guide to walk you through the process.

Is my CredPal account secure?

CredPal offers full protection from unauthorized transactions so you can trust that your finances are secure. The safety of your account is important to us. If you notice a suspicious transaction, you can prevent additional fraudulent behaviour by freezing your card(s). Learn how to freeze your cards here. Our support team is also available for assistance on all related matters at

Can my credit limit increase?

Yes. An account with a high-performance rating may be reviewed and granted a higher credit limit. Offsetting your credit balance and loans as and when due is a great way to earn a high-performance rating. For further information, please send us a mail at