Gotv Decoder + 1 Months Max Subscription + Free Hdmi & Usb Cable

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1 month free GOtv Max subscription with remote control and 1 pair of AAA batteries
Power Supply Adaptor for GOtv Digital Terrestrial Decoder (12 Volts)
1.5 m AV Output Cable
12metres Cable Coaxial
Service for digital pay television
Outdoor UHF Antenna
USB Port on the Decoder RF In/Out Pole Bracket HDMI CABLE
Hello and welcome to your world of never-ending enjoyment. Get unlimited hours of cartoons and children's television, incredible sports action, up-to-the-minute news and documentaries, marathon movies, series, and more. Whatever you're searching for, we have a plan to meet your budget. Order this item from Konga online and have it delivered directly to your door.
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Image quality in digital format Audio quality in digital format
Simple to set up (no satellite dish required)
Simple to use
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