Stainless 2L Electric Yam Pounding Machine: Prepare Fufu fast and Easy

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A top quality electric yam pounding machine for great soft and consistent fufu.

  • Very efficient and brings out a lump free, consistent pounded yam product.
  • Very fast and will do it in less than 2 minutes
  • Energy efficient. You could use a small generator to connect it.
  • Stainless steel that is easy to clean

The thought of eating delicious Nigerian pounded fufu mixed with plantains always gets you salivating with desire. But when you think about the long, arduous process of preparing the same and pounding it till it becomes a soft relishable pulp isn’t that awesome or is it?

It involves sweating and lots of crushing on the traditional mortar and pestle. But things need not be that hard. Not with this electronic yam pounder machine that does the pounding in a matter of minutes.

Though it looks small and does not consume that much of electrical power, this yam pounding machine will amaze you at the consistency and the softness of the fufu that it produces. All you will need is boil your yams or plantains till they are ready, slice them into small cubes and throw them into the yam pounder machine.

Add a little water to produce some soft and ductile fufu. Turn it on and watch the magic happen in under two minutes.

Interestingly, the fufu pounding machine is quiet and does its magic noiselessly letting you mouth how awesome it is when you see the results. With this phenomenal fufu pounder machine, your husband will just love it that you could pull the magic right under their nose in two minutes.

Say goodbye to that sweating, pounding and panting for breath as you work your traditional mortar and pestle.

Take the yam pounder machine now!

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